Monday, July 4, 2011

New batch of Bon Vivant!

Well, it's been a busy spring and now summer is in full gear.  The outside garden is coming along nicely and since the indoor hydro systems are so low-maintenance, it's needless to say the outdoors is getting all the attention.

I did end the Simpson batch as of this morning which gave us a lettuce life of 99 days.  Over 50 of those days were the harvest window with at least 30 - 35 harvests.  I made no system changes and it was on autopilot the last few weeks only getting a cap full of H2O2 every 7-10 days.  The previous nutrient change lasted through the end.

Here is the newest batch of mesclun mix or "Bon Vivant Mix".  This is the same we had last time around and we loved it. I have managed at least 5 separate varieties with 2 being of the red variety.  Nice to add some color.  These are a couple weeks in the system and approaching 30 days since germination.  They are currently on half nutrients with a light cycle of 14 on, 10 off.

I do regret to post that contrary to my earlier plans, I will not be running an outdoor hydro system over the next few months.  With so much going on, I really don't think I could have given it an adequate run with appropriate journaling and maintenance. 

We do have some big changes in the future though...and are excited about the potential for expanded capabilities!!