Monday, March 21, 2011

?? Lettuce Variety Mix ??

The above picture was taken today of DWC 2.  It turns out there were in fact 5 varieties of lettuce in this grow.  They are growing well and we should get our first harvest within about 10 days.  It looks to be some buttercrunch and red and green deer's tongue, but I am not sure of the other varieties just yet.  They look delicious though.

We are rolling along with the spring starts.  It is nice to see the additional "green" on all the tables and under the additional lights.  We are expanding the outdoor gardens and containers this year, so the starts are taking quite a bit of time.  Thankfully the DWC's are on virtual autopilot with only the occasional addition of fresh water and a PH check every few days to insure the nutrient uptake.

I am still working on the outdoor ebb and flow system and will post the details soon.  The point of concern is nutrient temperature throughout the heat of the day.

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