Monday, April 18, 2011

Lettuce and Spring Starts Update, 18 April 2018

As mentioned earlier, we were very pleased at how well everything grew while we were away. Above are both systems under the lights with the Mesclun Mix on the left and the baby Simpson plants on the right. Two large salads are on the menu tonight!

The above are the Simpson as of 18 April 2011. The lettuce is 20 days from germination and 15 days in the DWC system. I posted in the grow journal, “the Simpson is very small at this stage and a bit “leggy” because of the haste required to get them into the system prior to our trip”. Normally these would have established 2 sets of healthy leaves (8-10 days) before up-potting into the hydro. I believe they will recover nicely by the color and size of the roots.

This photo shows the extensive and dense growth of the Mesclun Mix which will get a solid trimming tonight.  These are on full nutrients and are 58 days from germination and 49 days in the system.  Looks like the “reds” are getting a bit crowded.  This mix will be grown outdoors as well.

And finally, above are the spring starts of tomatoes, peppers, wildflowers, and assorted spices.  They were a bit thirsty when we returned, but are very healthy and strong.  Keeping a light breeze on them from an oscillating fan develops strong stems and curbs most risk of damping-off.  Can’t wait to get them in the beds, containers, and outdoor ebb and flow system.

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