Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Number 8) Why use an Ebb and Flow System?

BIG plants do not need to be staked and supported when checking and changing nutrients as with a Deep Water Culture system.

Change the nutrients while your babies remain undisturbed!


  1. Recently came across your blog and YouTube videos, really great stuff and great info. Completely new to hydroponics, but per your directions I am setting up a deep water culture system to grow lettuce. One question, I know you make reference to your lighting in several videos and maybe I missed it, but what specifically are you using. Any pointers for setting up the lighting. I would also like to utilize the lights for starting veggies for the garden in spring and if all goes well with the lettuce I would like to look at growing other foot crops hydroponically. Any info or direction you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Thanks WINEDWORKS!

    Please scroll through the blog to the earlier entries for full information on the lighting and why I chose the specific array.

    I also detail how I set it up, how far from the plants, the monthly expense calculations, and the nifty hangers that allow me to quickly adjust the light for maintenance and plant care.

    Hope that helps and best of success in your endeavor!!!

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