Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Plant Age (Yellow Leaves)

Yellowing of older or "bottom" leaves may simply be a sign of age and the natural growth during the plant life cycle.

Check the new growth or "upper" leaves for signs of yellowing along the veins.  If there is no yellowing and the new growth appears healthy, it is very likely you have natural dying of older growth leaves and have nothing to fear. This process is essential for the plant to maintain it's strength as it shifts nutrient uptake to the new growth.

Relax!  But keep an eye on new growth leaves for any signs of discoloration.  Let those bottom leaves drop off and pop them into the compost pile! 

More to come.


  1. I was relieved when I read this article. Several of my plants have developed yellow leaves. Based on your description, I believe it is normal aging. I am new to hydroponics, and I don't want to lose my first crop.


  2. Thanks for explaining what's healthy when it comes to yellow leaves. I have several indoor plants that have been dropping leaves like crazy. I wasn't worried, but then it did seem like more than normal. I've checked now, though, and the yellow doesn't extend down the vine at all. I guess they just dropped a few more than normal this year.
    Jenn | http://www.exceldistributors.com.au

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