Friday, December 31, 2010

Lettuce Harvest from Hydroponic System December 31st, 2010

Here is the latest video update showing lettuce harvest, a discussion on nutrient usage, lighting hardware, and my thoughts on the deep water culture and ebb and flow systems. 

I am truly astounded at the speed of growth and minimal nutrient usage!!


  1. Awesome! I heard you mention nutrients, are you using synthetics or Organics? I am going to try organics the next time I do some growing, despite others trying to talk me out of it. The root systems in DWC will blow your mind, they get HUGE! Thanks for the Hydrogen Peroxide tip, will try it!

  2. Thanks Al. The hydrogen peroxide has worked well and adds very little cost as you might imagine.

    On the nutrients, I am currently using liquid synthetic, but I've got compost tea and seaweed extracts on my hitlist for the outdoor hydro systems this coming year. It would probably make a good blog topic now that I think about it!!

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