Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Simpson Elite

We have really enjoyed the Simpson Elite lettuce grown in the ebb and flow. It has spoiled us with a constant supply and the flavor and texture has been exceptional. The lettuce in the ebb and flow is now at 84 days since germination and is still producing heavily on 60 day-old nutrient solution.

Simpson Elite is an improved variety of Black Seeded Simpson, which is a really fast, reliable heirloom from the 1800′s. It is said to be "extremely slow bolting".  Harvest is listed at 45-53 days, but we began trimming the large outer leaves within a couple weeks and have continued to this day.

From Territorial Seeds, "Simpson Elite produces attractive neon green, loose heads with broad, crumpled, curled edged leaves. The flavor is delicate and almost never bitter, even later in the season."

"Probably the best leaf lettuce on the market. Flavor is delicate with almost no bitterness even in latter stages of harvest." says Vessey's.  We would agree.

Although I have several new varieties of lettuce / mesclun mix on order, I believe we will keep at least a couple Simpson Elite going at all times for reliability.  The next round is in the DWC and coming along nicely. I am anticipating the first harvest in about 2 weeks.

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