Saturday, January 29, 2011

Video Update January 29th 2011 of Ebb and Flow and DWC systems

Here is the latest on the ebb and flow system and an update on the deep water culture DWC with the newest crop of lettuce.

I decided to create this video to serve as a closeout of the ebb and flow lettuce and basil grow and the transition into the DWC.  I wanted to capture the physical attributes as the lettuce has far outlived expectations for both amount harvested and strength of the crop. As the video shows, the lettuce was still going strong and may have survived several more weeks.  The basil presented a head-scracher as I hate to destroy such a fine plant, but I can neither transplant it nor keep it in the system by itself due to the need for cleaning.

The update for the DWC includes a look at the extensive root system being developed.  I believe I have another week or so before we can begin harvesting, so the transition of systems is a bit off.  I'm pretty happy with the timing as I really had no yardstick to measure at this point.

I have uploaded this along with all the other videos to YOU TUBE under the channel "Misterhalfwaythere1".   Feel free to subscribe or leave a comment as I will respond there as well. 

The next video will be on germination and the different methods I have tried and continue to use as well as some thoughts on the big springtime "starts" germination process.  Can't wait!


  1. Loved the video Halfway! Catch you ovewr at Gardenstew! Nichole D.

  2. Thanks for the updates, Mr H. Been following since mid-Nov and it's been a good trip so far.

    Have you had any problems with pests along the way?

  3. Hi Alistair, thank you! No pests whatsover, but one lady bug found her way to the basement and she is a regular feature on the grow table!

  4. Your posts have been great and have inspired me to try hydroponics out

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