Thursday, June 20, 2013

Deep Water Culture Versus Ebb and Flow

Continuing the "Deep Water Culture vs. Ebb and Flow" topic.....

Why DWC? Number 1). So cheap and easy to build with easily accessible parts!!! 


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  2. Hi there. Greetings from India...
    Must compliment on the very useful and educational site.
    Can you please guide me through the nutrient solution thing. I would like to make my own nutrient for lettuce.
    Should the nutrient tank be topped up wit the grow nutrient every 2 weeks or the solution should be completely changed. Can you please provide the details please.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. You can simplify everything by using soluble nutrients in DWC instead of liquid nutrients. No diluting and no expiration dates. Check out Kelp4less. Soluble nutrients up to 75% off

  4. I am currently looking into Rhode Island hydroponics. How much does the climate effect hydroponics? Will this make a notable change?

  5. @Jameel. Climate effects hydroponics in the same ways as any soil grown plants with one exception....nutrient solution temperature must be monitored to insure it does not exceed 80 degrees (as a rule) and this should only be a temporary increase.

    @Aki. Thanks for viewing. Please scroll through the blogs posts for detailed information nutrients and evaluating nutrient solution effectiveness. I also have a couple videos that explore nutrient solutions in depth at Best of success with your grow!

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