Sunday, September 8, 2013

Why Deep Water Culture #2

Why DWC? Number 2). 

 Portable! The system is easy to move as one complete unit allowing maximum use of shade and sun. "Bubbling Bucket" DWC's can be moved easily by one person as long as the plant is supported!

Consider the weight of the nutrient solution if you are designing a "mobile" Deep Water Culture System.

"Bubbler Buckets" weigh in at around 40 pounds for the nutrient solution alone.  At 8 pounds per gallon, consider the need for draining or a two-person lift before finalizing your plans.

Also consider whether the reservoir has the strength to be moved while full or partially full.  No one wants a sloshing reservoir buckling and collapsing during a simple move from room to room or under lights to outdoors.

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  1. I read through the first post of yours and this was exactly what I needed to know! I'm trying to order all of my equipment from the Rhode Island hydroponics, what do you recommend getting?