Friday, November 5, 2010

Growing!!! November 5th

We are at 5 days in the system and 10 days from gerimation.  I think they are progressing very well. The PH is staying in check (6-6.5) and I have not had to top-off water levels as of yet.  I'm sure that will change soon. 

As the plants take the nutrients they need, the remainder stay in the solution which will eventually cause an imbalance.  The rule of thumb is to add water to the system as the plants deplete it and completely change out the solution after two weeks.  This change out will allow the solution to "start over" with a full set of the nutrients required for production.  I have the first change scheduled at mid-month.

This is really low maintenance.  More so than I first anticipated.  I can see expansion in the very near future!

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