Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8th, 2010

Another 70 degree day in November!! But with daylight savings it is now dark at 5 pm, so luckily I have the downstairs project, he, he, he.

This above photo was taken today and wow! This is still on 1/2 nutrients for another 7 days!!  The lettuce is quite green, fluffy, and growing very quickly. The basil is very strong and the grow area now smells like lemons.  I can say I am very satisfied with this ebb and flow system.

The roots are beginning to really stretch from the pots. At the end of each drain cycle, there is roughly 1/8 inch of nutrients remaining in the bottom of the fill tray. It was an early concern as I could not seem to build the drain system in a manner to completely empty the tray.  After talking with a few experienced growers, I was assured the roots will quickly finish off any remaining nutrients that are left within their reach. 

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