Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Frugality of Hydroponics

The below is a guest post from a fellow hydroponic gardener sharing some great information on his approach and methods.  His website http://hydroponiceconomics.com/ has been a great reference and source of hydroponic techniques and systems.  Enjoy.

Why are Hydroponics Systems Considered Frugal?

It's all about efficiency. Don't you want to eat healthy organic food? Have you been watching the GMO Monsanto battle? It doesn't matter if you agree with it or not, you can still choose what you eat.

Hydroponic systems provide a method for square foot gardening that maximizes yield while minimizing environmental impact. Hydroponics are perfect for indoor gardens because there is no natural soil in your house. You can create your own near perfect conditions. Hydroponic systems provide plants with the maximum amount of water and nutrients it can use.

Hydroponics systems are easy to automate. Easy automation means you can manage a lot at a time. If you can grow your own premium quality fresh organics, and practically pay production cost for top shelf freshness why would you pay the stores to ship it? Oh yeah, and you know what's in it.

A lot of people like to recycle by making hydroponic systems out of stuff laying around the house. Yeah, you could create a garden without even going to a gardening store. If you have a fish tank, storage totes, aluminum foil, fluorescent lights, and a fan, you have the basics to build a crude hydroponics set up. Crude, because if you are serious about a nice garden and have money to spend, you can get a really elaborate growing facility.

Don't Forget You Can Get Organic Hydroponic Nutrients

Not all organic nutrients are created equal. Look for OMRI(Organic Materials Review Institute) certified organics. OMRI has set standards on what qualifies for organic. Don't be fooled by nutrients that are marketed as organic but aren't certified. Take the OMRI certification with a grain of salt. If the nutrients don't look reliable, choose something else.

About Me

I've been gardening since before I can remember. I started with tomatoes, peppers, and different kinds of flowers. Later on I became interested in efficient indoor gardening. I love engineering new hydroponic systems and grow boxes. I am always available to help you out at HydroponicEconomics.com

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