Monday, February 21, 2011

Germination Techniques Video, February 21st 2011

After getting several germination questions I decided to create a quick video on some techniques and tips I have learned over time.  It is important to point out that nature makes germination a simple process.  A warming ground, increasing light, available moisture, and a medium to allow roots to expand and anchor the plant all combine to set the seed in motion to create a new plant.

With that being said, there is no "best" method, but the simple basics will almost always allow success.  I present a method and a few products that economically fit my goals and current growing systems.  I will "up-pot" the starts destined for outdoors soil in coir as it is sterile and will do well in soil. Those will be germinated in peat pellets or under paper towels.  All plants going into hydroponic systems (indoors or outdoors) will be germinated under paper towels or in rockwool.  They will then be "up-potted" into silica stone grow media.

The methods I outline allow me to "up-pot" into both soil based raised beds and containers or hydro media with a consistent method and products (peat pellets / rockwool) while using a common lighting system and 1020 trays.  My goal of a completely "soiless" environment in my basement start and hydroponic grow room is achieved.

I also posted this under the youtube channel "Misterhalfwaythere1" along with the rest of the hydroponic growing videos at

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